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NYC vs. L.A.

New York City and Los Angeles are arguably the two top cities for entertainment industry hopefuls . Almost every creative grows up dreaming of living in these cities. During my last year of college, I started thinking about where I ultimately wanted to end up. This was a difficult decision because these two cities are literally on opposite coasts.

I spent most of my college summers interning in New York City. By the end of my second summer in NYC, I felt like a true New Yorker. But, my heart was set on moving to sunny Los Angeles. Ultimately I want to work in front of the camera and, at the time, L.A. seemed to provide more opportunities for that. However, moving across the country can be pretty pricey. In January of my senior year, this decision became a lot easier to make. I was offered an apprenticeship at FOX Networks: MY GOLDEN TICKET TO LOS ANGELES! A dream come true.

Now lets fast forward to a few months into my time in L.A…I HATED IT. I was so far away from my friends and family. I missed homecoming (I graduated from Howard University). I spent the holidays by myself. I felt like I made the biggest mistake of my life. New York City was so much better than L.A. However, now I am in such a better place. Los Angeles is NOT New York City and that’s fine. I’ve learned to appreciate both cities and everything they have to offer. If you’re thinking about moving to one of these cities, here are my personal observations about both cities:

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style what I wore

How to Wear Denim-on-Denim


I was gone for a minute, but now I’m springing back into action with a few tips on pulling off the denim-on-denim look. For a while, I was a little nervous about trying this look because it could turn out really tacky. But I finally worked up the courage to try it out and now I really enjoy it from time to time (it’s definitely not my daily steez). I’ve come to realize that it is all about wearing light and dark denim together. I try to avoid wearing the same shade of blue throughout my entire look. Also, this look is great for spring. You can dress it up like I did by wearing an oxford shirt and loafers OR you can dress it down by wearing a graphic t-shirt and sneakers.

(outfit details after the break)

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How to: Dress for Warm Winters


So I’m experiencing my first L.A. winter (yes, it actually gets cold here) and I was completely caught off guard by the temperatures. I donated all my winter gear before I left Washington D.C. Thank God I saved a few light jackets. Dressing for “warm winters” is very similar to dressing for fall. You need layers because it’s pretty warm during the day, but it gets really cold at night. Also, light boots are perfect for this weather. My favorite boots right now are Chelsea boots in every color.

More photos and a breakdown of this look after the break…

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Free Polette Sunglasses Para Ti!


If you’re like me and live in a sunny city, you need those statement sunglasses to complete your look and protect your eyes. So I’m gonna hook you up! Here is your chance to win a FREE pair of sunglasses from Polette , a super cool French eyewear designer. They have an amazing collection of fully-customizable glasses and the prices are even better. You can get glasses for as low as $6.99! I’ll be honest I was a little skeptical, but the quality of these sunglasses are impressive (I’m wearing the Kuzco glasses). They’re  also an online optician and offer prescription lenses. If you’re like me and a little rough with your sunglasses, they offer anti-reflective and anti-scratch coating from $9.99 to $75.

So here’s how you can win a free pair of glasses…

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